About Us

  • With centres across the Perth metro area, WA BOOT CAMP offers an outdoor fitness training program designed to condition the entire body and mind. The main focus of the program is to improve total body fitness and promote weight loss, while having fun outdoors. We offer a range of programs ranging from the starter - one month, to 6 and 12 month total body and fitness packages. Each session (45-60 minutes) is designed for all ages and levels and we have wide a range of fitness levels from the not so fit, to the very fit!
  • The basic methodology includes strength training, aerobic exercises, muscle toning, agility drills, flexibility improvement, and even some fun games. Specially designed to challenge everyone (regardless of fitness level), our boot camp program allows you to push the limits at your own pace. Some of the core exercises used in the program are calisthenics (push-ups, crunches, etc.), circuit training, partner resistance exercises, high-intensity interval training, powerful isometric exercises, and various aerobic activities to include obstacle course, stairs, steps, and running. Perth's WA BOOT CAMP is for everyone who wants to get in top shape, have fun, and meet some great people. Everyone will be challenged at their own level and see fantastic results. Every workout session is different to keep things fresh and interesting.
  • You can join in and start at any time - so e-mail us at info@wabootcamp.com.au for further details. Our courses will help you get you the body you'll want to show off and help get in bathing suit shape.
  • Please note - Enrolment form, waiver and personal health history must be completed if you are participating for the first time.