Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What does the program consist of?
A - A wide range of exercises that focus on whole body fitness. From military-inspired crocodile crawls under camo nets and parachute runs, to resistance strength training such as pushups, pullups etc, WA BOOT CAMP gets your heart pumping and body moving to get you into great shape! Often our exercises are done in a circuits, or repeated to focus on specific body parts.
Q - How long does the course go for?
A - A basic course is a one month block. After the initial block, we'll work with you to reassess your needs and progress, working out a program for your second month and beyond. Many of our clients continue training with us across many months or years, as our training becomes part of their new, healthy lifestyle!
To accommodate this, we now offer comprehensive 12 month memberships with discounts and many extra bonuses.
Ask about our BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM packages.
Q - What level of fitness do you need be at currently before you start the course?
A - We have a wide range of fitness levels at each class and our classes are designed to cater for everyone. We offer both high and low intensity levels during each exercise, which allow us to challenge both the newcomer and the very fit, at your individual level. Whatever your fitness level, we'll push you in-line with your ability and needs.
Q - What level of fitness is required? I want to lose weight and get fit and am not in good physical condition at the moment?
A - There are a wide range of levels including entry level through to very fit....the classes are structured to challenge the fit whilst offering alternative exercises for those seeking to improve their there definitely is a place for you. We always offer options and choices of exercise, so that everyone can be involved and enjoy the class.
Q - What personal kit do you require?
A - Most people wear shorts, a t-shirt or singlet and joggers (running shoes) are essential - except for beach work-outs where bare feet are best. Make sure you bring a water bottle too, to keep hydrated!
Q - What is the cost of bootcamp fitness training?
A - Whatever your budget, there is a suitable bootcamp training program to match. Our monthly training schedule makes payment easy, and we offer a variety of program options. You can also start at any time, there's no need to wait until the start of the month! (Please note: the monthly rate is discounted from the casual rate which is $20/session. You can do make up sessions at any time during the month. Unused sessions can not be credited forward)
Shift/mine workers, please phone to make special arrangements as we do cater for your needs.
Monthly Program Fees are
Bronze - 3 sessions per week - $170Silver - 4 session per week - $200Gold - 5 sessions per week - $225Platinum - Unlimited sessions $250We also have 3, 6 and 12 month packages which offer a discount on the above rates.
Many of our clients opt for 3 - 6 sessions per week, but we can arrange a package to suit you, to match both your budget and your training needs. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements. Remember - ACTION CONQUERS FEAR!!
Q - How long can I do bootcamp for?
A - How long do you want? Most of WA Bootcamp's clients stay on for several months (and even years) and as such have developed a lifestyle of training and fitness. Several clients enter their 9th consecutive year of training in January 2013! Our clients keep coming as we offer a friendly and welcoming environment, with many clients becoming friends!
Q - What accreditations do the instructors have?
A - Instructors have a variety of backgrounds including ex-military, martial arts, degrees in human movement, group fitness and personal training. Rest assured, all our trainers have your personal needs at heart and seek to maximise your workout, whilst maintaining a safe and caring attitude in a fun and motivating style.
Q - What is the maximum participant size of the session?
A - Class sizes vary from 10 to 30 and we adapt our sessions to fit the number of participants. As we have access to some of WA's finest trainers this allows us to accept new recruits in all centres throughout the year.
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