Weight Loss

12 Week Transformation Program

Over time, many of our clients have sought help with weight-loss and body re-shaping. Combining regular exercise and eating healthily is the key to success in achieving these goals and many clients request a more targeted solution to the "eating healthily" component. After considerable research and testing, we are confident to recommend the 12 Week Transformation Program. The success rate of this program has been outstanding, with clients reporting not only weight loss and body toning, but increased energy levels, often within the first few weeks of embarking on this program. It's easy to follow, fits in with family meals and you eat often, so you won't get hungry and you have a "guilt free" day once a week!                                                                                                                                                             

The support program, including an APP, a web based meal and menu planning tool as well as supplementary nutritional products, combine to kick start your metabolism in a process described by weight loss guru Chris Powell, as "carb-cycling." It is also an education program, that will give you the skills and knowledge, to maintain results beyond completion of the program.

View this link to find out more  The Chris Powell Bod•ē weight loss & Fitness 12 week Challenge. Transform and re shape your body

To find out how to get started, contact WA Boot Camp on 0406 033 398 or email info@wabootcamp.com.au